Cancer Biology & Inflammatory Disorder

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Mission & Objectives

This division has recently been created by bringing together six dedicated scientists and more than 50 research scholars with expertise in a broad range of cancer-related fields. Our long term goals are to focus on the comprehensive understanding of cancer at many levels ranging from the investigation of molecular and genetic basis of cancer, the elucidation of cellular processes altered during development of cancers, immune response and inflammation. The faculties conduct both basic and translational research on a range of topics that include lung, brain, oral, breast, pancreatic and cervical cancers and leukemias etc. Our current focus is on identification of pure herbal and/or synthetic compounds/herbal extracts having in-vitro anti-proliferative activities against different cancer cell lines, understanding alterations and cross-talks among signalling pathways in cancers. Emphasis is also given on characterization of novel targets, identification of target-specific leads and biologics using systems biology approaches. Optimization of lead molecules by development of in-silico library of compounds through pharmacophore modeling and structure-based drug design, drug delivery, in vivo efficacy, pharmacokinetics and in-vivo toxicity/safety pharmacology are a few current activities of the division. Research on cancer stem cells is ongoing. Development of animal models of tumor is our major future goal to study signaling crosstalk in vivo. The collaboration with Medicinal Chemistry, Bioinformatics, in-silico modeling groups and interaction with clinicians make this division a rapidly growing unit with a unique goal to deliver low cost affordable healthcare by providing novel diagnostics and therapeutics in cancers.

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