Computer Division

Computer Division is backbone of the IICB which provides various Computing and Network services through Information & Communication Technologies for its Staff members including Scientists, Technical and Administrative Staffs.

The Division helps in providing support to Desktop and Laptop Computers, Printers, Scanners, Software and Network infrastructure time to time along with setup, maintenance and support.

The Division also provides secured network services including the design of campus wide LAN/WAN solutions and internet /intranet solutions besides providing computing services to ongoing R&D projects and conducting periodical training programs. The IT group has been in the forefront of deploying information technologies to help our scientists to be in their chosen area of research.

The Division has extended its service to all users with 100 Mbps ILL connection from NKN. The present IICB Network facility management system has been upgraded with latest technologies like Radius Server, Webmail, Band width management and RFID.

Technical Activities:

  • Wired and Wireless Networking Solutions & Services
  • Internet Connectivity to all Scientists, Staff and Students of IICB
  • Infrastructure Procurement, Installation and Maintenance
  • Web Services include Website / Bulletin board /  E-Resource Access
  • Electronic Display System Services for various types of Official works
  • User Support Services including Software and Hardware installations , printers , scanners and all other computer related devices
  • E-mail Service for IICB Staff members including Scientists, Technical and Administrative Staffs and Students
  • Technical support in Video Conferencing
  • Design and Maintenance of Intranet and IICB Websites


  • High performance Servers managing IICB services like Web, DHCP, DNS and Proxy
  • Email services for Staff and Students
  • WiFi Internet Management System
  • VPN Network Service Management System
  • SAN and ERP application Servers Management System
  • Network Management System with high speed Routers and Switches
  • Network Security Management System with Firewalls and Radius servers

New Initiatives:

  • The IICB Salt lake campus and IICB Jadavpur campus inter connected as a fiber extended LAN
  • The WiFi System has been introduced at IICB Campus as well as at NIPER Office and NIPER Hostel with latest WIFI MIMO Technology
  • Display System introduced for various types of Official works with instance basis

Computer Division – Scientist/Officer & Staff Members

Dr. Sucheta Tripathy

Principal Scientist &
Head, Computer Division

Dr.(Ms) Subhagata Ghosh

Principal Technical Officer &
Deputy Head, Computer Division

Sri Pradeep S


Technical Assistant Gr.III

Sri Akash Gupta
Email :


Technician (1) Gr.II

Sri Shiv Kumar Gupta


Technician (1) Gr.II