Cancer Biology & Inflammatory Disorder Division

Dr. Amitava Sengupta

Senior Scientist
Assistant Professor, Academy of Scientific & Innovative Research (AcSIR)
Stem Cell & Leukemia Lab
Ph.D., Biotechnology, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India (2008)

2011    Ramalingaswami-Fellow, Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India
2007    The Institute of Cancer Research, UK/The Lady Tata Memorial Trust International Postdoctoral Fellow, Stem cell program, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, USA
2002     Research Fellow, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India
2001     M.Sc., Dept. of Biochemistry, Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata, India
1999     B.Sc., Chemistry, Ramakrishna Mission VC College, Univ. of Calcutta, Kolkata, India

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Current Research Interest

Stem cells possess two fundamental properties; self-renewal and differentiation. Bone marrow-resident adult hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) respond to physiological stimuli and regenerate hematopoiesis. Dysregulated self-renewal and arrest in differentiation of HSC and progenitors induce leukemic transformation. From a translational perspective HSCs draw attention because of their potential use in stem cell and gene therapy. We are interested at understanding the cell-autonomous and non-cell-autonomous molecular determinants that regulate HSC self-renewal, differentiation and interaction with hematopoietic microenvironment or niche.

  1. Cell-autonomous mechanisms of hematopoietic stem cell transformation.
  2. Epigenetic regulation of leukemia stem cell heterogeneity.
  3. Microenvironment regulation in hematopoiesis

Names of the group members including regular staff with designation and research fellows

  1. Mr. Shankha Subhra Chatterjee (CSIR-JRF); M.Sc., Zoology, Banaras Hindu University
  2. Mr. Mayukh Biswas (UGC-JRF); M.Sc., Biotechnology, St. Xavier’s College, Univ. of Calcutta
  3. Mr. Sayan Chakraborty (UGC-JRF); M.Sc., Molecular Biology, West Bengal Univ. of Technology
  4. Mr. Liberalis Debraj Boila (CSIR-JRF, SPM Fellow), M.Sc., Biotechnology, St. Xavier's College, Univ. of Calcutta
  5. Ms. Sayantani Sinha (CSIR-JRF), M.Sc., Biotechnology, St. Xavier's College, Univ. of Calcutta
  6. Mr. Subha Saha (DBT-RLS Project Assistant-II); M.Sc., Biochemistry, Univ. of Calcutta

List of important Research Articles

  1. Sengupta A, Banerjee D, Chandra S, Banerjee S. Gene therapy for BCR-ABL+ human CML with dual phosphorylation resistant p27Kip1 and stable RNA interference using an EBV vector. J Gene Med 2006: 8, 1251-1261.
  2. Sengupta A, Banerjee D, Chandra S, Banerji SK, Ghosh R, Roy R, Banerjee S. Deregulation and cross talk among Sonic hedgehog, Wnt, Hox and Notch signaling in chronic myeloid leukemia progression. Leukemia 2007: 21, 949-955.
  3. Sengupta A, Banerjee S. Pleiotropic p27Kip1, BCR-ABL and Leukemic Stem Cell: The Trio in Concert. Leukemia 2007: 21, 2559-2561.
  4. Chakrabarty M, Sengupta A, Banerjee S, Bhattacharya D, Chakrabarti A. DNA binding domain of RFX5: Interaction with X-box DNA and RFXANK. Biochim et Biophys Acta 2010: 1804, 2016-2024.
  5. Sengupta A, Arnett JA, Dunn S, Williams DA, Cancelas JA. Rac2 GTPase deficiency depletes BCR-ABL+ leukemic stem cells and progenitors in vivo. Blood 2010: 116, 81-84.
  6. Ryan MA, Nattamai KJ, Xing E, Schleimer D, Daria D, Sengupta A, Kohler A, Liu W, Gunzer M, Jansen M, Ratner N, Le Cras TD, Waterstrat A, Van Zant G, Cancelas JA, Zheng Y, Geiger H. Pharmacological inhibition of EGFR signaling enhances G-CSF induced hematopoietic stem cell mobilization. Nature Medicine 2010: 16, 1141-1146.
  7. Sengupta A, Cancelas JA. Cancer Stem Cells: A stride towards cancer cure? J Cell Physiol 2010: 225, 7-14.
  8. Sengupta A, Duran A, Ishikawa E, Florian M, Dunn S, Ficker A, Leitges M, Geiger H, Diaz-Meco MT, Moscat J, Cancelas JA. aPKCζ and aPKCλ are dispensable in hematopoietic stem cell activity and blood formation. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2011: 108, 9957-9962.
  9. Sengupta A, Cancelas JA. A conundrum in mammalian hematopoietic stem cell polarity. Cell Cycle 2011: 10, 4191-4192.
  10. Sengupta A, Ficker A, Dunn S, Madhu M, Cancelas JA. Bmi1 reprograms chronic myelogenous leukemia B-lymphoid progenitors to become B-ALL-initiating cells. Blood 2012: 119, 494-502.
  11. Gonzalez-Nieto D, Li L, Kohler A, Ghiaur G, Ishikawa E, Sengupta A, Madhu M, Arnett J, Santho R, Dunn S, Fishman I, Gutstein D, Civitelli R, Barrio LC, Gunzer M, Cancelas JA. Connexin-43 in the osteogenic BM niche regulates its cellular composition and the bidirectional traffic of hematopoietic stem cells and progenitors. Blood 2012: 119, 5144-5154.
  12. Chang KH, Sanchez-Aguilera A, Shen S, Sengupta A, Madhu M, Ficker A, Dunn S, Arnett J, Santo R, Agirre X, Perentesis J, Deininger M, Bustelo X, Williams DA, Cancelas JA.  Vav3 collaborates with p190-BCR-ABL in lymphoid progenitor leukemogenesis, proliferation and survival. Blood 2012: 120, 800-811.
  13. Taniguchi Ishikawa E, Chang KH, Nayak R, Olsson HA, Ficker A, Dunn SK, Madhu MN, Sengupta A, Whitsett JA, Grimes HL, Cancelas JA. Kruppel-like-factor 5 (Klf5) controls bone marrow lodging of hematopoetic stem cells and progenitors through Rab5-mediated active β1–integrin expression. Nature Communications 2013: 4, 1660 doi: 10.1038/ncomms2645.
  14. Chang KH*, Sengupta A*, Nayak R, Duran A, Lee SJ, Pratt R, Wellendorf AM, Watkins M, Gonzalez-Nieto D, Aronow BJ, Starczynowski DT, Civitelli R, Diaz-Meco MT, Moscat J, Cancelas JA. p62 is required to retain short-term repopulating and myeloid progenitor cells through inhibition of IKK/NF-κB/Ccl4 signaling at the bone marrow macrophage-osteoblast niche. Cell Reports 2014 (In press) *Co-1st Authors.
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