Engineering Services Unit

Vision: Department Of Engineering Services  (Civil & Structural Engineering Cell) of IICB, Kolkata is catering services in the broad areas of Infrastructural Development for Scientific Research Activities – Maintenance Services – Renovations of Laboratories & Common facilities-Expansion of facilities – Grass Root Construction activities etc. of IICB Main Building, Other Annex Buildings, Ancillary Buildings, Staff Quarters located inside the campus, Any kind of structures of IICB Campus and upgradations, Disposal system Network maintenance Services and upgradations, upgradations-maintenance of Biological – Radioactive -Laboratory waste disposals, Basic Engineering works for proposed Proteomics Research Facilities Project on 4 acres CSIR acquired land at Sector-V, Salt Lake, Kolkata etc.

Head Engineering Services Unit

Dr.Rupak Bhadra (Head)

Chief Scientist

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Engineering Services Unit (Electrical)

The Electrical Engineering Section of CSIR- Indian Institute of Chemical Biology committed to fulfill the everyday need of Electrical power and providing all necessary services required for R&D and associated activities of the Institute.

LT Substation – IICB, Jadavpur

Jadavpur Campus:

  1. 6 KV H.T. Switchgears with H.T. Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR).
  2. 2 nos. 1000 KVA, 6 KV/415V Transformers.
  3. 2 nos. 500 KVA DG Sets with Sound Proof Enclosure and Auto Mains Failure (AMF) Panels.
  4. Electrical Distribution having different types of Oil Circuit Breakers, Vacuum Circuit Breakers in H.T. system and Microprocessor based Air Circuit Breakers, MCCBs, and MCBs etc. in L.T. systems.
  5. Properly identified Power Distribution Networks are there for supplying Electrical Power to Scientific Instruments / systems, Lighting fixtures and Air Conditioning units etc.

Salt Lake Campus:

  1. 2 nos. 750 KVA, 11 KV/415V Transformers with automatic On-Load tap changing facility.
  2. 1 no. 625 KVA & 1 no. 250 KVA DG Sets with Sound Proof Enclosure and Auto Mains Failure (AMF) Panel.
  3. Electrical Distribution systems having H.T. Vacuum Circuit Breakers and L.T. Microprocessor based Air Circuit Breakers, MCCBs, MCBs, RCCBs etc.
  4. Provision of Power for different types of Air Conditioning Units & Plants etc. A Computerized and web based Electrical Power Monitoring System is installed at Jadavpur Campus to monitor the Quality and Efficiency of Electrical Power Supply Parameters for round the clock operation. The Electrical Distribution System can be monitored in normal office hours as well as beyond office hours using Internet connection.

Electrical Power Monitoring System CSIR-IICB, Jadavpur

IICB – Electrical Engineering Section is very much concerned about the Conservation of Electrical Energy. Followings are the different arrangements which are made to make the system Energy Efficient.

  1. Properly rated Capacitor Banks with Automatic Power Factor Control Panel incorporated in the Electrical Distribution system.
  2. Replaced the conventional Fluorescent Tube Lamps by Energy Efficient T-5 Lamps and LED Lighting fixtures.
  3. Occupancy Sensor based devices are installed in different locations to optimize Electrical Energy usages.
  4. Astronomical Time based Lighting systems are in use in the common areas within the Institute to achieve Energy Efficiency.
  5. Time based as well as Water Level based Control mechanism has been introduced in operation of Water Pumps to minimize the wastage of water due to overflow and also to optimize the consumption of Electrical Energy.

Associated Systems:

  1. Addressable Fire System with more than 800 nos. different types of Fire Detectors installed at IICB, Jadavpur Campus to ensure safety against Fire Hazard.
  2. Close Circuit Television (CCTV) networks with different types of Cameras, DVRs, and Monitors etc. are installed at both the Institute Campuses (Jadavpur and Salt Lake).
  3. Contact Less and Biometric types Access Control System is in use to monitor the movements within the Animal House Facility area at IICB, Jadavpur Campus.
  4. Video Conferencing units are installed at Conference Rooms, Seminar Rooms, at IICB Salt Lake campus. Desktop type Video conferencing units are installed at Director’s offices at IICB Jadavpur & Salt Lake campus.  Modern Video Conferencing facility with multiple HD Cameras is in application at J C Ray-Auditorium, Jadavpur.
  5. Projection and associated systems:are installed at Seminar Rooms located at both the Institute campuses at Jadavpur & Salt Lake.

Electrical – Officers & Staff Members


Mr. Chirantan Debdas Extn.No.932
S.E (Elect)

Mr.Sourin Ghosh



Mr.Ujjal Roy



Mr. Saheb Ram Tudu

Extn.No. 777

Senior Technician (2)
Mr. P. K. Chanda
Extn.No. 785
Senior Technician(2)

Mr. Abhijit Paul


Senior Technician (1)

Mr. Samir Majumdar

Extn.No. 785

Senior Technician (1)

Mr. Anup Karmakar

Extn.No. 777/785

Technician (1)
Mr. Tanmoy Biswas
Extn.No. 785
Technician (1)

Civil – Officers & Staff Members

Mr. Sandip Saha

Extn.No. 891


Supdt.Engg. / Gr.III(6)

Mr Susanta Roy

Extn.No. 887


A.E.Engineer Gr.III(4)

Mrs Nirali Bage

Extn.No. 859


Asstt. Eng./ Tech.Officer

Mr. Sujit Kr. Majumdar


Senior Technician ( I )

Mr. D.Banik

Extn.No. 859

Technical Assitant

Mr. Avijit Paul

Extn.No. 859

Technician ( I )
Mr. S.K.Ghoshal
Extn.No. 859


The AC facility is being provided to all the laboratories, library and other infrastructure divisions including auditorium. To achieve this there is a 360 tr. centrifugal chilling unit and cooling is done through circulation of chilled water to different air handling units installed at different floors. For central instrument room a separate 30 tr. A/C plant has been installed for cooling. Animal house is kept cool by 100% fresh air basis with the help of 80 tr. Capacity reciprocating plant, which has been installed with stand-by unit for 24 hours and 365 days to maintain the animals in desired conditions. Besides, there are about 220 numbers room air cooler installed in different labs, refrigerators, ultra deep freezers in each lab. There are seven numbers of cold rooms and all are maintained at 4°C for research work carried out by research workers continuously.

The jobs carried out are as follows :

  • Repair and painting of the main building
  • Renovation of the Library
  • Construction of the underground reservoirs
  • Costruction of the storage shade
  • Renovation of the Instrument Division
  • Construction of a new fountain
  • Remodelling of various laboratories

A.C. – Officers & Staff Members

Mr Bimal Das
Extn.No. 937