General Administration

General Administration includes a wide range of functionalities catering to the life cycle of an Officer of the Scientific, Administrative and Technical Cadre and encompassing manpower planning, cadre management, recruitment, role definition / allocation, skill assessment, workplace learning, career advancement, transfer, employee benefits, retirement, performance assessment etc.  In addition Administration is also responsible for arrangement of all logistics and managing the day to day affairs of the Institute.

Officers in General Administration

Sri Suprokash Halder


Administrative Officer

Mrs Shampoo Sengupta


Section Officer (G)

Sri Kanu Mondal


Section Officer (G)

Mr. Vijay kumar Gond


Section Officer (G)

Mrs. Ambalika Nag


Hindi Officer 

Sri Sabyasachi Karmakar


Security Officer 

Administrative Officer,s Secretariat

Sri Sumit Singh

Extn No. 739

Asstt.(G) Gr.III

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