Parasuraman Jaisankar

Dr. Parasuraman Jaisankar

Chief Scientist

Ph.D. Jadavpur University, 1995,
Raman Research Fellow – Prof. M. Kitamura, Nagoya University, Japan (2010),
RCMS Fellow – Nobel Laureate Prof. R. Noyori, & Prof. M. Kitamura, Japan (2001-02),
DAAD Fellow – Ulm University, Germany (1996-98).

+91 33 24995790
    1. Development of chiral ligands and their transition metal complexes for asymmetric organic transformations.
    2. Synthesis of Lead Compounds and their analogues having various biological activities, with special focus on anticancer and anti-asthmatic, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory compounds.
    3. Development of synthetic strategy for the generation of structurally unique bioactive molecules especially nitrogen heterocycles.
    4. Identification and structure elucidation of antibiotics isolated from marine actinobacterium.Search for safe drugs from herbal sources.
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