Nanda Ghoshal (Emeritus)

Dr. Nanda Ghoshal

Emeritus Scientist

PhD, Calcutta University,1983

    • In-silico studies for rational drug design using QSAR, 3D-QSAR, and 4D QSAR studies including RI and RD QSAR studies.
    • Receptor Surface Modelling using 3D-QSAR and 4D-QSAR studies.
    • Molecular Modelling for Structure determination.
    • Docking and Ligand-Receptor Interaction Studies including MD simulation for Drug Designing
    • Virtual screening using structure based and ligand based pharmacophore generation.
    • Evolving novel methodologies for lead identification using integrated in-silico approaches.
    1. Mr.Payghan Pavan Vishnu (SRF – ES project)
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