Organic & Medicinal Chemistry Division

Head of the Division

Mission & Objectives

  • To develop strategies for the synthesis of chiral cyclic ethers, amines and RNA analogs from carbohydrate derivatives.
  • To develop new synthetic methodologies, and synthesize heterocyclic compounds for screening biological activities.
  • To establish methodologies for carbohydrate-derived structurally unique nucleosides.
  • To develop and commercialize herbal medicines and other bioactive molecules.
  • To synthesize oligosaccharides and neo-glycoproteins as vaccine candidates, and carry out structural studies on pathogenic bacterial lipopolysaccharides relevant to glycobiology and glycoscience.
  • To design and synthesize medium ring heterocycles as potential anti-cancer, anti-hyperlipidemic and antimicrobial agents.
  • To develop methodologies for the synthesis of anti-leishmanial and anti-encephalitis compounds based on quinolines.
  • To design and synthesize novel chiral surfactants for exploring new reaction systems and reagents for carrying out selective organic reactions in organized media.
  • To study nanoscopic materials such as stabilized nanoparticles and nanofibers.
  • To isolate and characterize bioactive substances from medicinal plants.
  • To understand the mode, mechanism, sequence specificity and energetics of binding of alkaloids and other natural products to polymorphic nucleic acid structures.

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