Publication & Information Division

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Dr. Snehasikta Swarnakar

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Sr. Principal Scientist &
Head, P&I Division

Dr.(Mrs) Neeta Vatsala Massey Khalkho

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Extn.No. 766

Principal Scientist

(Deputy Head)

Dr. Mrs. Aparna Laskar


Senior Technical Officer (3)

Mr. Shankar Bhakta

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Extn.No. 856

Senior Stenographer (MACP)

Mr. Pallab Mukherjee

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Senior Technician (2)

Sri Nishikanta Naskar

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Senior Technician (2)

Mr. P. C. Dehury

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This division is basically catering the diverse informational activities, publication and monitoring of reports. The major contribution of this division lies in assisting scientists in day to day maintenance of the institute activities and innovations, project profiles, publication records and research utilization data. The division is involved in the following wide spectrum of programmes:

  • Preparation of Annual Plan and Budget.
  • Preparation of IICB Annual Report and half-yearly reports.
  • Preparation of documents released during events.
  • Dissemination of information to scientific milieu on relevant subjects.
  • Documents on IICB inputs for CSIR Annual Reports and CSIR Research Outputs.
  • Assistance to scientists, fellows and staff members for participation in seminars, symposia and conferences.
  • Maintenance of database for testing and calibration.
  • Total management of all technical queries.
  • Public relations, advertisement and news and views forum.
  • Display of scientific achievements in exhibitions and science news dissemination.
  • Advice and comments for management of parliament queries and other related crucial matters of institute.
  • Organization of ‘OPEN HOUSE’ and active help for CPYLS programmes.
  • Assist in management of Five-Year Plans.
  • Monthly Report of IICB for PPD,CSIR
IICB Publications at a glance

Management of Exhibition

Exhibition Cell of P&I division participates in several exhibitions throughout the year in and around Kolkata and also outside Kolkata organized by various organizations. IICB has a mandate to carry out basic and applied research in health problems of the country. The main objective of this cell is to present recent scientific developments of the institute to the common people. The successful presentation of scientific works and developments of IICB brought in a number of awards through these exhibitions.

Management of Laboratory Visit for Students

Every year on the occasion of CSIR Foundation Day celebration, the members of this division actively help for the arrangement of ‘OPEN HOUSE’ programme where students from various schools/colleges/universities within and around Kolkata visit IICB. A large number of students from different schools and colleges with their teachers visit various laboratories and interact with the scientists. Members of this division also arrange laboratory visits for students from colleges and universities outside Kolkata.

 Scientist Visit & Events

The P&I division is also responsible for the announcement and arrangement of seminars for the national and international scientists who often visit the institute and like to share their research activities with IICB faculties.


Art section in P&I division renders full support to all the staff members during scientific seminars/symposia and all national events by preparing displays, illustrations, posters, exhibits and slides. Diagrams, charts, graphs for publication in national and international journals are also prepared in this section. This section is working in collaboration with the Photography section for making each exhibition a great success in highlighting the institute’s achievements. This section also participates in preparing artworks and cover-designs for Hindi Day and Hindi Report and also carries out work for decoration of floor & institute during various scientific and official programmes. Art section prepares Name Plates for committee meetings, conferences and   various functions of the Institute and designs Mementos and Medals.

Publication since 1940




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