Sandhya R. Dungdung

Dr. Sandhya R. Dungdung

Senior Principal Scientist
PhD, Jadavpur University

+91 33 24995771
    • Biochemical basis of the regulation of sperm motility/epididymal maturation.
    • Membrane Biology: Structure and function : Using goat epididymal spermatozoa as a model.
    • Biotechnology: For rectification some of the problems of human male infertility and cattle breeding.
    1. Dr. Sudipta Saha CSIR-Senior Research Associate (Scientists’ Pool Officer).
    2. Ms. Arpita Bhoumik(CSIR-SRF)
    3. Mr. Prasanta Ghosh(Senior project fellow)
    4. Mr. Sandipan Mukherjee(CSIR-Project Fellow)
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  • Sandhya R. Dungdung, Arpita Bhoumik, Sudipta Saha, Prasanta Ghosh, Kaushik Das, Sandipan Mukherjee ‘Sperm Motility Regulatory Proteins: A potential tool to enhance sperm quality’ Chapter 7 in the book ‘INSIGHTS OF ANIMAL REPRODUCTION’ [Veterinary Medicine and Science » “Insights from Animal Reproduction”, book edited by Rita Payan Carreira, ISBN 978-953- 51-2268-5, Published: March 23, 2016. DOI: 10.5772/62470.