Shila Elizabeth Besra

Dr. Shila Elizabeth Besra

Principal Technical Officer

PhD (2000), Jadavpur University


+91 33 24995760
    • Evaluating the importance of bioactive molecules isolated from the plant and animal secretion an insight into the mechanism of action in invitro &invivo cancermodels.
    • Investigating the wound healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic properties of natural and synthetic compound and their mechanism of action.
    • To study the immunostimulant anticancer agent from indigenous medicine and their signaling net
  • 1. Mr. Samrat Chakraborty, SRF-UGC
    2. Ms. Nilanjana Deb , SRF, ICMR
    3. Mr. Soumodeep Karmakar , DBT, RISE Project
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