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About the Initiative The unfolding epidemic of COVID-19 has been spreading through the country. IICB has historically responded to the diseases affecting Indians since the era of Prof. JC Ray. IICB made significant contributions in Kala azar (parasitic disease) and cholera (bacterial disease) at the right time. We now take endeavors to responsibly respond to the viral diseases of modern times. To begin with, we developed this webresource that can help both the public a as well as the R&D community in the country and the world regarding the unfolding of COVID-19 epidemic.



CSIR-IICB joined hands with Indian Army to fight COVID-19.
On request from them, a Real Time PCR instrument was commissioned at Command Hospital Kolkata for COVID-19 testing from Dr. Arun Bandyopadhyay's lab.

CSIR-IICB distributed 5000 bottles of hand sanitizers.



COVID-19 Patient Pockets

This is an interactive map built from GIS data of cities in India from where the patients were picked up.

Structure of COVID-19 Proteins

Catalogue of various targetable proteins.

Modeling the epidemic

Clinical & epidemiological features of COVID-19.

Environmental factors & epidemic

Fatality vs temperature correlation for COVID-19.

Dengue & COVID-19 infection

The global severity maps of ongoing dengue epidemic and COVID-19 pandemic do not overlap.


About COVID-19

COVID-19 genomes from NCBI

COVID-19 updates from ICMR

COVID-19 updates from WHO

WHO India situation report

COVID-19 update from Govt. of India

COVID-19 update from CDC

COVID-19 update from NIH

Publications & Media



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