Nakul Chandra Maiti , Ph.D.

Senior Scientist
Structural Biology & Bioinformatics

Research Focus

Structural and biochemical aspects of Intrinsically disordered proteins, Alzheimer’s , Parkinsons diseases, Biological Raman spectroscopy, Nanomaterials and its use in medicine

Research Interest

Our research focuses on two broad areas: (i) Intrinsically disordered protein, their link to different cellular activity and formation human diseases and  (II) to develope  porphyrin based nano-bio-composite for cancer therapy. Major methodologies that we employ in these invstigations include Raman/FTIR, NMR and Fluorescence and computational approaches. Many proteins or segments of it are intrinsically disordered (ID). It is estimated that about 50% of human proteins contain at least one long (> 30 residues) ID regions (IDR) and the number of IDR containing proteins is more in higher eukaryotes. Thus, it may have evolutionary importance. The lack of a rigid and folded stable structure in IDPs (intrinsically disorder proteins) may provide large plasticity to interact them efficiently with different targets, and thus conformational flexibility aids good efficacy in cell cycle regulation, membrane transport and different molecular recognition processes. In addition the inherited structural disorder  and the hydrophobic patches in it play an important role in the formation of protein assembly structure and the production of amyloid like aggregates that is implicated in several human neurological disorders. In our laboratory we attempt to define the role of this class of proteins in cell signalling and their implication in Alzheimer’s (AD) and Parkinson disease (PD). To address the role of protein oligomes  in AD and PD we are now studding different type of protein oligomers and membranes under Raman microscope. In addition, we are involved deeply in developing method that could aid in the early detection of AD and PD based on Raman signature. We are also studding the formation and possible structure of membrane less organelles which are unique as cellular storage for hormones and neurotransmitters. In addition Raman  spectroscopy  allow us to obtain the Raman spectrum  of very high quality of protein crystals.  We plan to probe the hydration and dynamics of the disordered region and side chain residues in some of the globular proteins in their crystalline form.  Further we will  define small molecule interaction, stability and structural evolution in the drug/protein complex formation inside single protein crystal. Our laboratory also investigate the interaction pattern of IDPs and structured proteins with metal nanoparticles.  Our results established that porphrin based nano-composite can significantly reduce the dose of doxorubicin and thereby showed improved efficacy towards killing of brain cancer cells.


Academic Profile

  • Ph.D. Chemistry, TIFR, Mumbai 
  • M. Sc. Chemistry, University of Calcutta, Calcutta, India
  • B. Sc. Chemistry (honors), Presidency  College, University of Calcutta


Employment Details      

Grade/ Post

Estt./ Lab/ Instt.



Principal  Scientist

Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata

May 2015


Senior  Scientist

Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata

May 2010

May 2015

Research Specialist

LSU-Agcenter, Baton Rouge, USA

Sept/ 2008

May/ 2010

Research Associate

California State University Los Angeles

June /2006


Senior Research Associate

Case W. R. University, Cleveland, USA


June/ 2006

Research associate

UMKC,  Kansas City, USA

June/ 2000


JSPS visiting scientist (postdoctoral)

Inst. for Mole. Sci Japan



Honours & Awards

  • Raman Fellowship Award, 2012, CSIR, New Delhi, June 2012-Sept 2012
  • International JSPS fellowship award, Japan  Society for the  Promotion of Science, Japan, 1998-2000


Patents & Publications


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