Library & Documentation

With the establishment of Indian Institute of  medical Research On January 01, 1935, the Library & Documentation Division started it’s Journey as one of the prestigious departments. Since it’s Inception, it has been playing a pivotal role of the research & Development programmes of  the institute. From the very beginning, this division has marked rapid growth Keeping pace with the development of the institute and modernization of library & information science – growth in area, growth in its Collection development, growth in systems facilities and services. This Library is perhaps, the biggest one on biomedical sciences in the eastern zone of India. Library & Documentation division has gone metamorphosed gradually. It is maintaining print collection as well as  procures electronic versions. Thus it is becoming a hybrid  type of library.

In present days, a library cannot be considered as a mere store house of books. Rather, it plays the role of an Information Centre. And the Library & Documentation Division of Indian Institute of Chemical Biology is also not an exception. With this aim in view, the library extends the following information and technical services & facilities to the users irrespective of this Institute and various outside Educational, Research and Industrial Organizations:

  1. Reading-Room Facility
  2. Literature Search
  3. Information Services through CD-ROM and Online Databases
  4. Printouts from CD-ROM Databases and Online Journals
  5. Lending Facility
  6. Reference and Referral Services
  7. Photocopying Services
  8. Resources Sharing


Important Links 

Resources Current Journals | Eprints@IICB | Back Files (on line)ADONIS | Online Public Access Catalogue (OAPC)


Library Committee

  1. Dr. Parasuraman Jaisankar, Chairman, Webpage 
  2. Dr. Suvendranath Bhattacharya, Member, Webpage 
  3. Dr. Partha Chakrabarti, Member, Webpage                                                    
  4. Dr. Dipyaman Ganguly, Member, Webpage                                                    
  5. Dr. Sanjay Dutta, Member, Webpage                                                   
  6. Dr. Krishnananda Chattopadhyay, Convener, Webpage                                        



Officers & Staff Members

  • Dr.Krishnananda Chattopadhyay

    +91 33 24995713

    Principal Scientist & Head

    Visit Web Page

  • Dr. Sankar Kumar Moitra

    +91 33 24995851

    Senior Technical officer (3)

  • Mr. Manas Samanta

    033-24995769 & 24995934

    Technical Officer

  • Ms. Mahua Bhattacharjee

    +91 33 24995706

    Senior Technician (1)

  • Mr. Shyamal Nath

    +91 33 24995706

    Lab. Attendant (2)