Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration

The air conditioning facility is being provided to all the laboratories, library and other infrastructure divisions including auditorium. To achieve this there is a 360 tr. centrifugal chilling unit and cooling is done through circulation of chilled water to different air handling units installed at different floors. For central instrument room a separate 30 tr. A/C plant has been installed for cooling. Animal house is kept cool by 100% fresh air basis with the help of 80 tr. Capacity reciprocating plant, which has been installed with stand-by unit for 24 hours and 365 days to maintain the animals in desired conditions. Besides, there are about 220 numbers room air cooler installed in different labs, refrigerators, ultra deep freezers in each lab. There are seven numbers of cold rooms and all are maintained at 4°C for research work carried out by research workers continuously.

Officers & Staff Members

  • Mr. Prosenjit Gangopadhyay

    +91 33 24995936

    Sr. Superintending Engineer (Air Cond.)

  • Mr. Shubhendu Ghosh

    +91 33 24995936

    Assistant Engineer (Air Cond.)

  • Mr. Manoranjan Adhikary

    +91 33 24995936

    GR-C (NT) / MTS