Management Council of CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (CSIR-IICB), Kolkata


  • Chairperson:

Prof. Vibha Tandon

Director, CSIR-IICB


  • Four Scientists of the Laboratory representing the staff of various age groups: 

Dr. P. Jaisankar,

Chief Scientist & Head, Organic & Medicinal Chemistry Division

Dr. Sarita Ghosh,

Senior Principal Scientist & Head, Publication & Information Division

Dr. Upasana Ray,

Senior Scientist & Deputy Head, Infectious Diseases and Immunology Division

Dr. Sourish Ghosh,

Senior Scientist, Infectious Diseases and Immunology Division


  • One representation of the technical personnel:

Dr. E. Padmanaban,

Principal Technical Officer


  • One Director level Scientist from the same laboratory or a sister laboratory:

Dr. Souvik Maiti,

Director, CSIR-IGIB, Delhi


  • Under the category of Head, RPBD/PME of the laboratory:

Dr.Subhas C. Biswas,

Chief Scientist, Cell Biology & Physiology & Head,Project Monitoring & Evaluation Section


  • CoFA/FAO of the Laboratory:

Controller of Finance and Accounts, CSIR-IICB


  • Member Secretary:

Administrative Officer, CSIR-IICB