In order to strengthen translational objectives, a biomedical incubation center at the CSIR-IICB Translational Research Unit of Excellence (TRUE) is being proposed to develop state-of-the-art fundamental innovation and further translate the indigenous innovations into affordable technology. The unit is conceived as a productive platform for successful industry-institute liaison for technology facilitation and transfer. At the nascent stage of the proposed incubation center, CSIR-IICB has planned to adopt a three-way program (e.g., facilitation, incubation and translation) for meaningful transfer of research output into successful technology and subsequent contribution towards economic growth.


To promote entrepreneurship and nucleation platform for the start-up initiatives in eastern India in order to enable them to prosper into successful biotechnology industries.

  1. Creating interface and network among R&D institutions, academia, industry and financial institution.
  2. Creation of a platform for speedy commercialization of technologies developed in the host institution via setting up spin-off venture companies to develop innovations to commercially viable products.
  3. To provide value added/facilitation services such as legal, financial, technical, IPR etc to the incubatees.
  4. To create sustainable revenue earning business model based on sharing of CSIR-IICB facilities.



Innovation strategy:

The proposed incubation center will adopt a three-way program (e.g., facilitation, incubation and translation) for meaningful transfer of research output into successful technology and subsequent contribution towards economic growth. Following aims are envisioned

  1. Translational research facilities concerning major diseases and certain biological problems of global interest.
  2. Expertise in multidisciplinary areas with faculties from chemical as well as biological sciences.
  3. Ready core instrument facilities like genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, cytometry etc.

Marketing strategy and support:

To promote the incubation center and share the relevant information with the potential incubatees as well as potential licensing industries, we have utilized social networking media (e.g., Facebook, twitter, etc.) as well as print media (news paper, brochure, booklets etc). After the incubation center becomes operational, a dedicated media liaison group will be engaged to promote the business potential of the center.

Plan to meet business support service:

The following steps will be undertaken to support and promote the business potential of the incubatees

  1. Professional consultant for business entrepreneurship.
  2. Quarterly workshops to enable interaction between incubatees and potential licensing industries.

Mentoring, counseling and training efforts:

  1. Advisory and mentoring group will be formed to guide through funding and marketing opportunities to the incubatees.
  2. Instrument workshops and hand-on training for the cutting edge technologies.
  3. Workshops on industry communication, management and IPR skills.



This incubation centre is housed at CSIR-IICB Translational Research Unit of Excellence (TRUE), which is only of its kind located in the whole Eastern and North Eastern region of India, thus able to promote biomedical start-ups originating from this region.



On February 08, 2016, the Hon’ble Union Cabinet minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Harsh Vardhan had inaugurated the CSIR-IICB Translational Research Unit of Excellence (TRUE) and visited the campus. The IICB Biomedical incubation center utilizing facilities in the campus was also inaugurates by the Hon’ble minister. A number potential start-up companies have shown their interest to be part of this proposed incubation center and participated in the technology exposition alongside CSIR-IICB innovations.

Following Infrastructural facilities are now available at the CSIR-IICB Incubation Centre at Salt Lake campus  

  • 12,000 sq ft incubation space including office, laboratory, common instrument and infrastructure facilities.
  • Centrally air-conditioned building with automatic power back up for 24 h. Wi-Fi facilities available in the building.
  • Conference room of 100 seating capacity, meeting room with facilities of video conference, mini-auditorium of 75 person with modern digital presentation system.
  • Well-furnished business meeting lounge.
  • Cafeteria with coffee makers and other facilities. Seating capacity of 100 people.
  • All laboratories are equipped with basic furniture.
  • Guest house with accommodation for 20 people.
  • A department called “Business Development Group” with legal expert.
  • Telephone connection, mailboxes for individual incubate