SPEAKER: Prof. Soumitra Sengupta, Senior Professor, IACS, Kolkata

TITLE OF THE TALK: "The Voice of the Cosmos : Einstein and the gravitational wave"   

DATE: 28th February, 2019 

TIME: 12-12.40 pm

VENUE: J. C. Ray Auditorium



In 1915, Einstein proposed The general theory of Relativity, which revolutionized the concept of force of gravitation - the force which governs the formation of our universe. The theory predicted many interesting ideas in the realm of Cosmology and Astrophysics which subsequently were successfully tested through different experiments.

However one prediction, namely the existence of gravitational wave - a new wave other than our known  electromagnetic wave - remained undetected for 100 years till 2015 when the existence of gravitational wave resulting from black hole collission has been finally established. This discovery was awarded with Nobel prize in Physics in 2017. In this talk the story of this incredible discovery which has opened a direction in the world of communication through waves will be discussed.